Friday, 13 May 2011

Unlucky for some ...

Well it is Friday the 13th

I found myself minding my own business last night on the Paralia

Well mainly being ignored by tourists, and watching the Thomson 757 depart for Gatwick. I watched as it soared up into the sky over the harbour. The wheels fold up and disappear into the body and wings, as it turned.

This time it turned right towards the mainland and not towards Skopolos. It gave the added benefit of the sun reflecting off the aircraft, as it climbed up and away into the distance ...

Met some nice people, an Indian couple who fancied a short break, and came to Skiathos for four days. I was able to reassure them that Greece does have nice vegetarian food.

A couple from Norway who live here with friends. Some eccentric types too, like one of my island mates walking along the Paralia with a dustbin, with his wife and parents. Naturally i asked him where he stole it - just for fun ...

Then along come my learned friend, and reader of this blog - Acropolis Steve

Immaculately turned out as always, but looking somewhat cold and lost. All was explained as he revealed that his £90 holiday had resulted in a full aircraft, and him being deposited in Mosquito country in the backwoods of Kolios - rather than his beloved Acropolis studio locations.

Furthermore his budget neighbours for the week, are from the great unwashed. He assures me, one is clearly an alcoholic, with a a body odour issue. He declined their Mythos fuelled table this evening, for the bus into town, and a walk on familiar cobbles.

"Aren't you joining us"

Still ringing in his ears as he fled for the safe haven of town ...

I wonder if when he returned they were still there, if he joined them, or could recognise them after the mozzies descended after dusk.

Woe betide, If they wake him this morning early - He will be hammering on the doors of the Aleko for re-admittance after beating someone to a pulp, with the Times sports section.

I was able to reassure him that, i had now re-potted my tomatoes, and his boots were now available for a walk with Ortwin, down the Leohuni stream on Sunday ...

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