Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Territorial disputes ...

The noise woke me at 5am

The viciosness of some of the cat fights is quite something at times, this mornings dispute was quite a lengthy one. They fight over the dustbins, and bags of waste, They fight over territory, lovers, and they fight over the right to fight it seems.

It seems the only thing they are frightened of is human, and being a Greek cat that is probably wise. The strange thing is that at this time of the year the human from elsewhere, is acceptable as it feeds them.

Here on Skiathos there are around three groups that try to look after them. They too fight about who does it best. There are a legion of well wishers who do their best feeding them. One friend and reader of this blog brings medicines from the United States for them.

Even the dogs home looks after cats, for some reason the Greeks like to deposit them there overnight. If I was a cat the last place I would like to be left is in a dog shelter. But that is the better of all evils, rather than a bag and a dustbin like some or sadly poison for another.

Later this year, there will be a benefit concert hosted by Vasilis Koralis. He gathers a legion of Dancers, Musicians, and  Performers to the stage at the Bourtzi. It was his idea that funds raised are used for the welfare of the cats and dogs here on Skiathos. He canvassed and gained the support of the Mayor on the issue - who donated the Bourtzi theatre for its use.

This the third year, he will again make all the arrangements, posters, flyers, performers and choreography for the show - almost single handedly. Funds raised are devided between the dog shelter and the cat society for the benefit of the animals.

However we know how much the dogs shelter do for the dogs - caring for, rehoming and even relocating to foreign countries the puppies and dogs from this small island - for a better life.

But for the cats the societies argue over territory, and funds and who does things best. They fight and argue and perhaps lose their objectives. I for one struggle to see what benefit they deliver or achieve despite best intentions.

Like our town cats at 5am perhaps the only way to settle a dispute is by a well placed, but intentional bucket of water to cool things down and get on with life - for the better of all concerned ...

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