Friday, 27 May 2011

Taverna Alexandros ...

Last night the clouds started to build, and we had a few drips of rain. Some rather ominous looking  clouds passed quite close to the island, and against a pinkish hue you could see the rain falling.

It was a quiet evening on the Paralia, I wondered if many on their last night avoided coming to town. One eye on the skies, the other on a more local taverna.

So at close of play I headed home, and popped into Taverna Alexandros to say hello to Alex.

After all a number of people had asked me how to get to the Taverna this evening. I had asked them all to say hello to Alex from me, and tell him that he is the most miserable waiter ever.

It was apparent that they had, and Alex was laughing and threatening to get me. There were a few of them still there, customers who raised a glass, and confirmed they had a great meal, and evening listening to the music under the Mulberry tree.

Magda said have a glass of wine, so I sat down and listened to Dimitris and Christos on the Bazouki and Guitar singing. It was a lovely end to the evening as the first drips of rain began to fall ...

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