Friday, 20 May 2011

Oh dear ...

Not a good day to be an Olympic Holidays travel representative

The Gatwick Strategic STU2516 went technical and was delayed until Saturday morning. Now as Olympic had a spat with Monarch, they only have two aircraft, on charter. One based at Gatwick, One at Manchester.

Aircraft - being machines and a very large set of computers, are liable to break down every once in a while. So whilst the wheels do not (Usually) fall off, the wheels do fall off the holiday programe, when something needs the engineers attention.

The flight is due to depart from Skiathos at 08.45am on Saturday morning - but ETA 08.30am

Outbound passengers to Gatwick, all apart from 19 were despatched via the London Thomson 757 at 18.45pm

Those left behind were accommodated by Olympic at the Kivos Suites hotel at Megali Amos

There are going to be some unhappy tourists arrriving - hope no-one asks 'Did you have a nice flight' ...

Saturday Update: The aircraft has just landed at 08.24am

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