Sunday, 1 May 2011

The night before ...

It starts all over again

At 10am the roar of the turbofan jet engine over the harbour, will return. Tourism returns to our Green Island. The first flight is from Amsterdam and signals the start of the new season.

Like lions circling their prey on the savannah, taverna owners, bar owners, shops and businesses await the tourist and their hard earned cash, with eager anticipation.

The next five months signal long hours and hard work, as our island in the sun changes beyond all recognition.

Later this week the regular bus service will start again, The big bus has been out on the road completing the last of the winter five daily trips. The water taxis are freshly painted and ready. Car ferries are now calling twice a day and large numbers of cars are driving down the ramp. Even on these still cool days tourists are walking around wearing shorts.

One Russian lady asked if we knew of a taverna, that could accommodate 65 covers for her wedding. She was a very popular lady as word spread along the Paralia ...

Today it is May day, bouquets of flowers are garlanded on doors. The sunshine dried the wet streets to reveal a fine layer of Sahara dust on cars and windows, as the winds have turned to the south bringing a warm breeze.

Oh to be in Skiathos now that summer is here once again ...

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