Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New beginings ...

... for old businesses

Here on Skiathos, one of the favourite past times is watching what your neighbour is up to. If its a business then they do the same.

This year the meal for two offer arrived last night at the same €20 price as last year, this probably means it will go up on 1st July to €25 -same as last year too. The food will be the same it will just be charged more to make profit. Everyone will follow suit and have empty tables again.

As i said last year - Someone do it for €15 and you will be swamped with customers, but that is not the Greek way ...

If someone opens a business - example snack shop, and it does well. You can guarantee next door next year will be another hoping to take the profits from the other.

This year another coffee shop has opened on the Paralia, to join all the others. Its owned by a guy who was a waiter so he knows what he is doing.

Someone has bought the Old Port cafe and posted a glowing review (i wonder who?) on Tripadviser that it is the best in town. Just how can you make a 'Nes' better and be the best in town, within one month?

Competition for your Cappachino contract is warming up ...

Presumably over the winter someone heard the old Calypso restaurant was going to become a bakery. It plans to have chairs outside for you to enjoy a coffee with a piece of cake or a pastry.

It is also next to one of the best coffee shops on the island.

Now i learn the old newsagents is to be a bakery, It plans to have chairs outside for you to enjoy a piece of cake with a pastry and of course a coffee.

We already have seven bakeries in town just how much bread and cakes can the island consume i wonder ...

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