Monday, 30 May 2011

Meltemi ...

Not the hotel - The wind ...

The Meltemi wind is blowing this morning from the north, the sun is out in a clear blue sky. The weather forecast remains for rain showers, as it has for the last three days - but its wrong again, its very warm.

Some of the yachts departed this morning, in near perfect sailing conditions - but under engine power. Clearly they can afford the fuel costs in their ticket price.

I watched the Transavia from Amsterdam come in to land, followed by two further flights, one from Stockholm and a Finnair from Helsinki. All fighting their way down, on the strong headwind on runway 02.

The Express Skiathos docked on time, its anchors making a big splash as they hit the water, Then the rattle of around 100 metres of chain entering the harbour to hold it steady, against the strong crosswinds.

The old harbour sheltered from the winds was like an oven, calm and almost searing heat.

Still that did not stop junior enjoying some quality time in the childrens play area. Whilst dad watched the Achladies water taxi depart with Flying cat 5 heading away to Skopolos ...

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