Saturday, 14 May 2011

The little shop ...

Its essential for those last minute essentials

We needed a banana for junior, so i picked up three to make it worthwhile. Add a couple of beers after all it saves lugging them across town.

However our host was engrossed in a small TV on top of a cabinet about 15 feet away. Being a big lad he was hungry, and chewing on a large piece of bread. Sesame seeds all over the counter.

Eventually they changed acts on Greece has talent. Sadly not all his fingers were available, so used the free hand not attached to the bread roll, on a calculator to add up

1 + 1 + 1.30 = €3.30

I gave him a €10 note,and he spread the change across the scales for me to pick up - Then he belched ...

The next act started and he returned to a fixed stare, at the small distant screen. I packed my own bag.

Sometimes even I do miss Sainsbury in Crystal Palace ...

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