Thursday, 19 May 2011

Heavy skies ...

... Laden with rain

The clouds are down it grey and dark outside. Over towards Evia we can see rain falling from black clouds. Most of the trips have been cancelled, and money refunded, but for some reason the Poseidon has departed for Skopolos and Alonissos.

Poseidon may be the king of the seas but not of the skies, they tell a different picture. I am advised a storm is expected. Even now (11.30am) it has started raining heavily - If the guy has departed just so he gets his trip money he should have his licence withdrawn ...

15.00pm - and we have had a very wet few hours, of torrential rain. Its stopped now and the air is clear and fresh. The birds are singing again, and the swallows are shrieking overhead. Sadly no sunshine but it is a little brighter and there are still dark clouds visible over the hills.

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