Thursday, 12 May 2011

Exploring ...

This morning Junior took me for a walk ...

Our daily stroll takes place each morning after we have been to the Paralia and i have had a coffee. Normally we see a boat or two come in and this gets junior excited.

This morning EKO 1 was delivering fuel so we had plenty of action on the Paralia. EKO 1 departed with four blasts of the hooter at 11.15 am to make way for the Express Skiathos which arrived 15 minutes later.

Coffee over we headed off at speed along the Paralia, past the Hotel Akti and up the slope at the rear of the harbour. Then junior turned right and up ...

I had stopped this the other day but junior was intent on exploring, so why not. Its been a while but there are a miriad of steps and alleyways to get lost in. Soon we were peering in hidden courtyards, climbing steps and terraces, inspecting pots and meeting little old ladies who responded well to Juniors greetings.

Soon we were in a patch of poppies where someones house had once stood. Looking over beautiful wisteria as the Express departed with junior waving, and a distant EKO 1 heading towards Piraeus.

Onward and upward we emerged near the final step restaurant. Another little lady sitting on the step, and some tourists below the clock tower watching the view unfold below.

Making our way down, it seems a friendly chef has relocated some lemons that i had my eye on. Past geraniums and Aloe Veras in pots, a trimmed Fig tree (Mental note: Come back in August) Lillies and yet more wisteria

We twisted down the big steps at the rear of the port cafes, only to meet around 50 Italians following a guy with a clipboard held aloft. Now I defy anyone to get lost in a conger procession in a three feet wide alley way heading up steps.

However junior enjoyed waving to them and their musical voices as they touched her head, hands and Ciao Bella etc

Back to Terra Firma and a few drips of rain hastened our progress along the Paralia and home again ...

Footnote: Acropolis Steve, weather looks good for your arrival. Port police notified to be aware of an englishman taking Pimms at Kabourelia at 6pm ...

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  1. Ah, the perspicacity...(Educator is the only other reader who can spell that without the OED)...I have acquired a boating blazer, hat and an extended cigarette holder. Stand bail for me?