Friday, 6 May 2011

English Friday ...

Thats what they call it here ...

Its a rather muted start to the season, the weather has been poor. Even today it was raining and the wind had abated overnight. Out in the street i picked up some of the broken pelargonium stems and replanted them in the balcony pots.

My learned friend in Eton, had reminded me of lazy lunches at Milos taverna. No better place for watching the aircraft land, and raising a glass to friends as they flew by.
Today though you would be dampened outside, rather than in, and probably been chilled to the bone.

I resorted to tracking the aircraft on-line, between duties at home. I heard the Thomson Manchester flight take off to the north, as the roar echoed across town.

Later the sun appeared and junior, and i headed out on to the paralia. I glanced over towards Tsougria just in time to see the Gatwick 'Strategic' undertake a sharp right turn and banking steeply towards Runway 02. Its white fuselage, and lights easy to see against the newly cleared blue sky.

We made it down on to the quay, by the torpedo - Junior jumping up and down in the buggy pointing towards the aircraft. Clearly as excited as i was.

Strategic Airbus A320 LX-STA on final to JSI-02 16.50pm passing the AG Nicholas

I know its a little fuzzy, Apologies, but you should try taking a steady picture, and hanging on to a buggy, with an excited little one bouncing up and down ...

Junior likes the boats too, Hellenic ferries flying cat 5 seems to tick all the boxes at the moment, we saw that a little later.

Strategic are an Australian airline, their two European aircraft are registered in Luxembourg, flying for a UK tour operator, that is owned by a Cypriot. Presumably someone is making some money on this venture.

Australian planes on English Friday - whatever next ...

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  1. Skiathian, you've made my weekend. And you know more about the airline in question than the tour operator using it, I assure you!