Sunday, 3 April 2011

Who do i know in ...

I have been viewing my regular silent visitors, on feedjit ...

So who do i know in the following locations

Hawarden, Flintshire = Near Chester mmm ?
Bath, Somerset = I have a new idea ? and will be watching out for the postman
Middlesborough = My learned friend and antiques expert ...
Eton & Windsor Is Steve - The one and only sage, and Times crossword king.
San Francisco = Margaret fondly known as Margarita
Grass Valley, California is Eleanore - Please visit her lovely new blog
City of London = Is it you, the well dressed one
Honolulu, Hawaii = The spiritual one, and my crazy neighbour

Just wondering who you all are ...


  1. Ian, I love these little snippets, these windows into island life!! Makes me feel as though I am there, watching the rains fall, the woodsmoke trail, the sun shine, the ferries come and go, the swallows ... Please tell the sea I am coming soon and I respectfully request that it be warm enough to swim in - I don't care if the whole town's paint isn't dry. :-) And if you see my favorite captain, please give him my greetings. See you soon! (and hmmm... San Francisco is one or the other or perhaps BOTH!) Elle

  2. Hi Eleanore
    I thought it was you, a few weeks ago, but began to lean towards your neighbour. The Old Port has reopened and looks very welcoming ...

  3. Sussed! Jealous of those oranges; Please may I partake of a spoonful of marmaduke in the summer? Roll on....

  4. An 'Oldskinflint' is official taster of the latest batch, Bumped into Mr & Mrs earlier - watch this space :)