Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Pole ...

I am now painting the outside of the house ...

To avoid wipping out the gross national debt of Greece, I am continuing with my new learned DIY skills. The easiest way to paint the house is with a long aluminium pole, they come in 3M 4M 6M lengths and the 6M one costs just €15.

Add 10 litres paint which is €50, total consumables cost €65 - quite why someone thought six times as much would be acceptable beats me.

I risk assessed the work, I knew the IOSH course and those years reading numerous dubious Risk assessments and Method Statements, would eventually come in useful ...

I reasoned its quite hard to fall off a pole, but with a ladder it is quite easy to break your neck.
The roller too can detach from the pole, and do serious damage to the cranium, so i taped it on with duct tape. Complete with my goggles (yes i have a pair) as paint drops in the eye are not a good idea, when the nearest casualty department of worth is 60 miles and one ferry trip away.

This in the land, where they do welding, over a packed cafe, using sunglasses to protect their eyesight. Wearing my PPE I set to work ...

I was soon stopped by a neighbour, who came out to ask what i was doing waving a pole near her washing, wearing what seemed to be diving goggles, that were clearly misting up.
Another neighbour came to see, Why i had moved her plants, from outside my house. The taverna owner, tried to ride his scooter through the paint tray, whilst carrying a 3 litre pot of Helmans mayonnaise. One lady made three trips. 'stylishly' through the carnage, offering apologies and a smile.

I was advised to use the brush this way, that way, and even how to sweep up. by one of the lovely elderly ladies dressed in black.

However white paint being applied on a wall, on a sunny day does hurt your eyes. Looking up all the time you start to feel muscles, in your back that you did not know were there.

It was whilst looking up at the roller, and endless blue sky that i saw the hovering seagull looking down at me just above the roof.
Its a close call who was the more concerned, him looking down at me with a paint laden pole, or me looking up at him, and saying dont you dare ...

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