Saturday, 16 April 2011

Petunias Geraniums or Pelargoniums ???

Its a tough choice, but it has to be made ...

The balcony pots need to be replanted, ready for Pasca - What to do ?

Last year the petunias were fantastic, but the watering regime was missed one day, and they were incinerated. The geraniums and pelargoniums are doing OK but the sunny side pots are rather stunted, where as the shady side are in full bloom and all their glory.

I need something that can take full sun and the roots can last a day without water ...

I popped up to Mrs Socks, on the ring road. She has a wonderful display of fresh plants ready for summer. The temptation to buy something of everything is strong, but this year i want to get it right.

But first, I have to make the pots attractive, and their contents able to last the summer ...

I have settled on a trailing geranium, for a hook outside the door, this will be connected to a PIR linked to a laser should anyone try to steal it.

The outside pots have some nice sharp yucca's guaranteed to cause injury if manhandled. The cats will need to relocate their toilet facilities unless they can shift the top layer of rock ballast, protecting the soil underneath, and retaining the natural moisture for the plants.

I am advised that two lengths of stripped copper wire, connected to a car battery terminal - Does put a stop to the human watering systems that take place, on the way home from the bars in summer - usually accompanied by a blood curdling scream.

Summer is nearly here, local preparations are at an advanced stage, of being made for the crazy times ahead ...

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