Monday, 11 April 2011

Lady ...

There is a dog shelter here on Skiathos ...

It provides a home, food and shelter for many stray and unwanted dogs here on the island. The shelter is run by a great team of willing helpers at Kounistra up in the hills above Asselinos, led by Helen Bozas. They work with vets and homing organisations, both here and overseas finding new homes for them, in many instances.

The Skiathos Dog shelter is supported mainly by donations, and Greek Animal Rescue, a UK based charity. You can read about the work of the team, and fund raising activities on their website. Please take a look, and if you are on Facebook - Join their page.

Caring for animals is hardwork, and sometimes misunderstood, which is what makes the following story - in my mind - disturbing, but with apologies to Donna and Helen, i recount it here ...

On the night of the 31st March Lady was stolen from the shelter, she is an old female, diabetic and on medication. She is almost blind and missing many teeth. She had been sterilised and was microchipped. She was wearing a pink collar with a pink and white banadana attached. and had lived at the shelter for many months after being dumped with a male dog, who was missing her very much and who would not eat now she had gone.
The team appealed for information, asking 'if you have got her please leave her back at the shelter so we can give her the medication she needs. We know 100% that she has been stolen, there is no way that she could have escaped at all'

Despite their efforts and the concerns of friends across europe, the trail went cold - until yesterday morning, and 10 days later ...

This morning Helen had a call from Galini (the lady that has the deli) to say she found a dog in the bin at Katsarou, she was wearing a pink collar with a bandana. Helen and our wonderful volunteer Elina went to get the dog and it was lady!!!!!!!!! She is ok, she was very scared at first but recognised Helens voice, and she had quite a few ticks and has lost a little weight (but she was a little porky before) but generally she is ok.
Emotional day for all of us at the shelter, we are so happy to have her home and so his her best friend Lester

Now can anyone tell me, Why someone would break into the dogs home, steal a dog, and then put it in the rubbish bin 10 days later ?

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