Friday, 29 April 2011

A friend in need ...

... and a neighbour too

The electricity company cut off the power this morning. There was an engineer high up the local telegraph pole working away, assorted vehicles in the street. So you shrug and get on with life.

An hour or so later, power was restored, another hour or so later we were out in the street. Our friends were replacing the light above the sign advertising their taverna. The English electrician was making fun of the Greek guy wobbling up on the ladder. We were all laughing at the antics.

Our neighbour appeared and asked when the power was being restored, thinking we were the culprits. We said it had been back for over an hour. Lots of exclamation and rolling eyes from the balcony - it seems they had a bigger problem.

An Englishman will never let a lady down, our electrician was from that mold and set to task. There were some extra cables around, and the test meter detected 400volts - which is far too much for a domestic supply. The circuit breaker had melted under the strain, the power surge had blown it apart.

A little while later, I had provided a relatively new circuit breaker, from my toolbox. Proof you should never throw anything away, when you have work done. Our electrician had replaced it and the buzz bar that had melted.

Total charge - Nil, a happy neighbour and thanks to her daughter in law. She had paid attention at school, learned English as a second language, and translated beautifully for us.

We do our best here to fit in, and are blessed with lovely neighbours here. Sometimes helping each other is a lot of fun too ...

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