Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The buses ...

They are an island institution ...

Never has it been possible to cram so many people, into such a small space, and charge for the experience.

British railways tried for a number of years, before they were privatised and then someone thought it was a good idea, to give people some room, and seats ...

They also took the slam doors off the trains, replaced them with sliding doors - It was no longer acceptable in summer to have people leaning out of the windows trying to breathe. The new operators then had trains ordered by BR that had no aircon, so roasted the passengers in summer, and froze them in winter instead.

Now in the era after privatisation, trains are leased to the operating companies, and have air-conditioning, services run to time with pleasant staff. Only London underground operates services in the time old fashion ...

Now in an effort to reduce the financial shortfall here on the island, It seems that three of the island buses are being offered for tender, for the rights to operate the service this summer. Tenders are to be submitted within 20 days, from 21st March

Privatisation comes to a small rock in the Aegean ...

This offers all kinds of opportunities, Could we see buses racing each other to pick up passengers, like they did in Manchester. What about competitive hiring of the crews ? The early evening exodus by bus from Banana beach, sponsored by the 'BBC club' The midnight 'sing a long' bus sponsored by the Rock and Roll bar ?

The famous driver 'Sean Connery' can name his price if the Barfly bus is up for auction.

Now i know someone, who reads this blog, who knows someone - who can get us a bus or buses - Cheap ...

He knows the logistics, He knows the right people, We discussed a business plan, and how we would do it, It needs a little investment.

We may even be able to get a formidable former Conservative prime minister to support our bid.

Our prospectus will be issued very shortly ...

Ed if you are reading this - I think our time has come ...

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  1. Dear Skiathian

    I am delighted to hear from you, is it really 20 years since you caught my bodyguard out, and he accidentally let you through my ring of steel security? Let me tell you, how lucky you were to escape with your life that day young man !

    I must say how much, I have been enjoying reading about your exploits. I have been reading them now for some time. You did not catch me out, on the who are you thread though, I can still pull a few strings at the big place down by the river.

    I will be delighted to support your excellent Private Finance Initiative - Remember i started the 'PFI' and as a nation we never looked back !

    Thank you for offering to name one of the buses after me, but i think 'Spirit of Free Enterprise' sounds so much better. Name them One Two and Three for me.

    I added the Mayor and the Prime Minister on Facebook as you suggested, I will give them a call too. Its amazing what a dedicated copy of the autobigraphy can still do.

    I had a word with young Richard Branson, hope you do not mind - he said he will help you out with the prospectus (Haven't the trains been better since, I got him involved)

    Leave it to me, I will be in touch soon

    Good luck in your new venture !!!