Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Big Tuesday ...

Its getting busy again, Tourists arriving by Ferry, and the Hydrofoil and Flying Cat - twice a day. The shops in Papadamatis street opening for business, and staying open until 9pm this week.

Tablecloths are out on the tables, fresh paint and smiling waiiters, Happy faces as owners cash registers start working after the long break.

Seven yachts have arrived today, the start of the flotillas. Argo has put his advert board in place and is moored in his usual spot. The Nikolaos has moved into the Old harbour, sporting a fresh coat of paint - nearby is a glass bottom boat - will it stay for summer ?

Mrs Socks on the ring road is doing a roaring trade selling fresh bedding plants, pelargoniums and geraniums

Just heard guys singing in the street, actually someone should hire them, they are better than the twanging electronic bazouki we normally hear from down the road.

The church is really busy as its the big week, just a few days to get everything clean and fresh for Pasca and summer.

Now as raindrops fall on the roof all we need is some good weather to go with it ...

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