Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring into Summer ...

If still a bit cool ...

However i am not feeling the cold. Even though its only just spring, the rush for summer is on, and its time to drag yourself out from the winter lethargy.

I have been making friends down at the paint shop, where i am this weeks best customer. Over the last few days i have been painting inside the house, and have been really busy. I have made a number of trips along the paralia laden down with supplies. Watched by the locals and friends enjoying lunch or a Tsipouro, at Kabourelia.

Its been a bit of struggle as Junior needs attention, so i have been preparing the walls during quiet hours, and painting late at night.

This evening, I can see locals looking in through the door thinking - He is crazy. But there is a method in my madness. When its dark outside, the electric light is constant inside, and you can better see what you are doing.

I aim to finish half the house by Thursday evening as Friday is Independence day here in Greece. Its a public holiday, flags and banners have been put up on the church, and in the square bunting hangs from the lamposts. Here in the street, named after the day, there will be a large Greek flag hanging on the house from the balcony.

It seems the weather is set to be good, and there will be a parade, the band will be playing and i want to be there too. So i had better get back to play with those paint brushes, and rollers whilst the house is sleeping ...

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