Monday, 14 March 2011

Refreshed ...

After eleven hours in bed, and two headache tablets ...

However i had work to do as i was reminded, and started by cleaning the chimney. A lovely job, but made easier by my friend Jacques who had kindly custom made a tool, to make it easier for me.

So minutes later there i am chimney in pieces, standing on top of the 'mighty woodburner' with a three foot steel rod stuck in the extract pipe somewhere outside.

After some vocal encouragement I freed the rod, nearly extracting the pipe, and the top of the woodburner, in a style not unlike a fight scene in my favourite Pink Panther films. The chimney is now clean and several hours later, dignity restored.

Later i made it to Carrefour, negotiating Evangelistra at speed over the cobbles, Junior started off with warm milk that was nearly churned to butter by our arrival on a warm afternoon.

My mission to buy nappies for junior, only there were not any, neither any milk two hours after the boat had departed. By herbs and spices (Thats the Oregano, Thyme and Basil section) Milk appeared and supplies were obtained. Nappies did not appear, lets hope the island size 5 'pull up' brigade can keep their legs crossed until Wednesday.

Tonight after 'Spaghetti Carbonara' the clean chimney is vapourizing logs again at an alarming rate. It looks like the 'mighty chainsaw' will come out to play in the morning once again ...

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