Thursday, 10 March 2011

Recycling - Skiathos style ...

So there i am crowbar, axe and the chainsaw, making short work of a redundant wood pallet. I am aware of someone standing close to me, not a great idea when you are playing with a chainsaw.

The lady started talking, but the chainsaw made short work of the conversation too. I switched it off, and prepared for the worst. However she was seeking my help.

A damsel in distress - A Greek one ...

It seems, she has been asking her friends and neighbours for two days to saw a log for her. Her husband had brought it home to put on the fire - but it was too big. Quite why her husband had not realised this remains to be seen, and so was he.

I agreed, to help and very soon was looking at a fresh (Green) 1.5 metre log. She carried it up the street on her own too.

I think i recognised the log - or part of the former tree ...

Down on the new harbour, on Monday night during the storm - one of the castania trees came down. During Tuesday morning before 10am when i passed it had been recycled.

The stump and roots where it left the ground in the gale were still there. The middle section had gone, all that remained were the top branches, some sawdust, and a trail of branches and twigs in both directions.

I was looking at where the main trunk forked in to two directions, the moss from the north side of the trunk was still damp.

I got to work, and it was hard work. Hats off to the lady concerned she helped out, holding it in place with her boot. Twisting the log to assist, but it took around 15 minutes to divide it. She was very polite and said thankyou a number of times. Then made her way down the street, log under each arm, no-one offering to assist.

My good deed for the day was done ...

Footnote: We just had another power cut, this time just five minutes, just enough time to light the candles, and the Gaz lamps and it came back again.

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