Thursday, 3 March 2011

Moths to a flame ...

No the sun is not out just yet ...

But it has stopped raining, for a few hours at least, and is if by magic people have appeared. Shutters have opened, and this afternoon it seemed that everyone, had wandered down to the harbour for the 5pm ferry.

That is except the ferry, who is scheduled to depart at 5pm. However the Express Pegasus was still sedately making here way here, and was not even in sight, at the appointed time.

Despite the weather there are stirrings of life, down on the paralia.

One cafe looks like it is having a refit, after being sold. Its last refit was last winter, to be sold, however there were some issues. Quite interesting to see then, the old warped toilet doors refitted, and a nice unhygienic stone wall where the tiles used to be.

The ability to supply a door that does not close, and a lock, sometimes a rusty nail that does not engage, and the wet floor, should be written into every contract, if it does not already appear in one.

Further along the Albanian card school is in full swing, and rather rowdy too, Must be high stakes in this game judging by the gestures, and posturing. lets hope no-one goes for a swim tonight.

Another 'closed for winter taverna' has a fisherman, in the tented area. He is surrounded by a yellow nylon web, being stitched with floats to make a net.

Its March, so nearly spring, and then almost summer, so the last cafe, again 'closed for winter' has had its furniture returned from storage, and placed under an enormous plastic sheet, that is flapping in the breeze. I guess it will open soon to join the others, chasing the few Euros of disposable income, that are available here on the island.

A last glance back, and still no sign of the Express Pegasus, presumably the winged horse is still making sedate progress to the rock. I may be travelling on her in a week or two, better buy a good book.

Anyone got a copy of The Hobbit they can lend me - it seems rather appropriate ...

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