Saturday, 26 March 2011

The mobile phone ...

An alien piece of equipment as far as i am concerned ...

Some people are married to theirs, life is fully dependent on it. It stores numbers that represent people. It sends and receives messages, for those that do not want to talk.

I cannot get over that someone, can send an essay by text, yet not call to ask the same question. My problem is that i do not allways know where it is, Junior is pretty efficient at locating it. Once found it is used for random texts and silent calls to friends across the world. Incoming calls and messages are often intercepted on my behalf, with a mixture of results.

The trouble is with all the communication systems in the world - They cannot be forsaken if you just talk ...

Much to my surprise this morning, it was in my locality when it sprung into life. I was invited out for coffee on the Paralia.

Painting or Paralia - Tough decision, but it had to be made ...

A lovely sunny morning, a fresh warm southerly breeze and many people out enjoying the fresh air.

Wrong decision it seems. Junior however was not impressed, and grizzled all the time we were out in the sunshine - apart from when we visited the playground.

However we toured Papadamatis street, where plants were being planted by the Skiathos clean team, a voluntary group who this week will be cleaning the beaches of waste and detritus in preparation for summer.

On the harbour the Calypso tourist boat, was being prepared for summer trips. Rust being removed in readiness for painting. Little summer here on a spring day, with snow on the mountains in the distance on Evia.

So back at base now and contemplating further actions with the paintbrush.

I know it makes sense ...

PS - My 200th post an achievement in itself, Thank you for visiting.

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