Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Its a little warm ...

Not outside, where its still cold and wet ...

Our rotating friend is telling lies this evening as its tipping it down, it had been light rain earler, but this evening its a monsoon. The onset of rain sent a chill through the house.

This evening i started off the 'Mighty wood burner' with a couple of logs and what was a pleasing glow from the corner, turned into an inferno. The Olive wood must have been just seasoned right. Even now I am sweating, its been like a sauna here.

Two strange things occured today, a parcel i had given up for lost, has arrived after a month. It has even been replaced by the company that sent it. However something i ordered from the UK on Monday morning arrived at lunchtime - just two days, it must be a record ...

Now back to stoking the furnace ...


  1. I really love this blog, everytime I read a post I think "I know exactly what that's like". There is only one exeption - we don't have a mighty woodburner yet. Do you have any tips before we get one for next winter?
    Many thanks - keep on posting!

  2. Hi Parianos

    Thanks for visiting - Pleased you like the blog.

    I bought mine in Athens, and its excellent. The shop in Athens made all the transport arrangements for me, all i did was credit their account at Emporiki. It was so easy compared to buying one on the island - and cheaper too.
    Think about the SQM2 of your house, and buy the right unit for your needs. Its made in Thessaloniki and is cast iron - beware of imported copies. The chimney needs to be cleaned, so think about maintenance.
    Send me an e-mail address via the comments box and i will send you the details etc

  3. Hello Skiathian,
    Thanks for your prompt reply, I'd really like the details when you have a moment.
    I think I've sorted the email thing out and have clicked on the subscibe link on your site.
    The weather is warm and Sunny down here on Paros,hope some comes your way too.