Friday, 4 March 2011

Chill winds ...

Dragging in a low system from Russia ...

That is what i have been told at least three times this morning, on my early morning jaunt around the Paralia. The fishermen are confident that we will have snow by Monday.

These guys have skin like leather, and complexions to match. Now clearly they are picking up something in their bathwater, that our 'rotating SF weather wotsit' is not. Mr non accuweather is forecasting snow showers further down the page.

This is probably why i was cutting wood yesterday, only for one of my neighbours, to complain that the noise from the chainsaw, was rattling the glass in her front door.
At least that is what i think she said, it could have been her" teeth in a jar next door"
You see i could not hear over the noise from the chain saw ...

I wondered again, what the two large motorbikes that are parked outside do, when they are revved up at 7.30am by our Albanian neighbours - wait - got it - alarm clock.

Its quite funny really, i am lucky to have lovely neighbours. But clean your windows and the curtains twitch, and shutters are moved to an appropriate viewing angle.

The street is inspected if i sweep up. Throw a bucket of water to wash things away - as they do here, and within minutes there will be someone else doing the same.

Fun and games on a street, on a small rock in the aegean ...

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