Sunday, 27 March 2011

All Hands on Deck ...

Which is a request from the cultural association for volunteers to clean the beaches in readiness for summer ...

The appeal is directed at residents to assist, and they are keen to attract ex-pats with time on their hands to help out.

However like last year all the posters are printed in Greek to assist in the recruitment drive. As i have pointed out to the team, Greek is a lovely but difficult language to learn, however the second language of the world is English.
Even people who do not speak it can say "No speak English" so as usual there are no token posters to attract the residents, who find Greek difficult to master.

However there are plenty of people who like to leave litter on the beaches, even in winter for someone else to clear up. Later will be the usual 'Why did the English not come to help us clean the beaches' questions from the team ...

The cleaning of the beaches will be undertaken this week as follows

Monday: Mandraki, Mandraki Elias, Krifi Ammos
Tuesday: Tsougrias Island
Wednesday: Agia Eleni
Thursday: Lehouni, Kalivia area
Friday: Kolios, Achladies, Plakes area
Saturday: Aselinos, Kehria
Sunday: Koukounaries, Agios Georgios lake

Every little bit helps, I have been cleaning them of wood, bottles and discarded fishing nets all winter. Its amazing what gets washed up on our golden sands.

However with the southerly winds today, they will have their work cut out ...

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