Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wet Thursday morning ...

According to my rotating friend on the right of the page.

It is too, my pre dawn sortie up to Taxiacharis, for 36 Litres of 'warm' spring water confirmed this.

It still surprises me when i fill the jerry can and assorted bottles that the water is emerging from the spring warmer than the air outside. Condensation forms on the bottles in the cool and somewhat draughty air. My thoughts going up the hill are always cold wet hands, but its always the opposite when i am there.

No sunrise this morning just grey murky gloom, and the distant lights of Glossa on Skopolos. The cats were calling me and following me looking for food. Whoever feeds them they do a great job, they are very healthy, and look in good condition. No sign of the kitten that tried to escape with me last time i was there though.

Discreetly driving around the lowered access barrier, and along the Paralia (Before the Municipality police get up) i delivered the water and two boxes of drying driftwood logs to my store.

Then off to Xanemos, only to find someone had already patrolled the beach, and the overnight driftwood had been taken to a place where it would be better appreciated. Down to the airport the runway lights were on for the arrival of the flight from Athens. The red green and white lights, are very pretty as they disappear up the slope.

The landing lights of the Olympic Dash illuminated everything as it swooped in from a gloomy sky, over a grey sea. I even caught a glimpse of the captain leaning forward in his seat as he flew by looking for the centreline through the windscreen wipers. Yes you can get that close - if you want too, and many do ...

Home with a brisk walk along the Paralia, before turning into Palio Limani. It was just before 8am. There were the smokers were all outside in the rain, sitting at the tables shivering.
The new smoking rules are being enforced quite well it seems. I know they are spot checking each day, and the municipality police are checking log books in the cafes and tavernas. Signage must also be bought for the doors and tables, and clearly displayed.

10am and its just stopped raining, breakfast time ...

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