Thursday, 24 February 2011

Weather warning ...

Its been a bit rough the last few days - but its winter here in Greece.

A few of my friends are getting pretty unhappy that there is no sunshine. Some are distinctly rather grumpy. It makes me wonder if they are prepared for island life.

Its not all sunshine in Greece, its part of the Balklans, and the winter here froze troops to death in the Second World War. Currently its not raining, but the smoke from the chimney is passing the windows at speed, in a downward direction.

Its been wet on and off since Sunday. There has not been any ferries for two days. The best place to be is indoors, and warm. I have learned over the years that the rain in Skiathos when it comes, sometimes lasts for a couple of weeks. Sometimes it comes at you sideways !

Our rotating weather wotsit, says it will be nice on Monday, so all you can do, is throw a log in the trusty woodburner, and open a bottle of red. However the weather has been **** and probably there is none left, as everyone else has the same idea.

Friday has a weather warning, for our locality - click the link to see how it was mentioned in today. Seems we are getting away light, but our close proximity to Evia means it may be a little interesting in the morning ...

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