Saturday, 5 February 2011

A walk in the sun ...

Well why not, the sun was out and a slight chill breeze on the Paralia ...

So after watching the smokers enjoying the sun - The doors were open on the exterior parts of the cafes and they could smoke in what is the tented village outside.
It was time for a drive down the island.

Deserted, beach to myself, collected some driftwood, a glance at ripening bitter oranges for 'Marmalade take 2' Scared some ducks on the lake - Why we have no gun? and some fresh picked lemons

Aghia Pareskevi:
Deserted, beach to myself again, some driftwood collected, noticed footprints and dog prints in the sand. Blinding reflections off the water, and views to a mist distant Evia

Deserted, beach to myself, lots of good quality driftwood for the fire. Took the opportunity to collect some nice Geranium cuttings from the beach pots.

Aghia Eleni:
Two distant strangers checking the low water line probably looking for Skiathos pearls. Lovely warm sunshine and more driftwood stowed in the car.

Temperatures out of the sun were chilly, but very much shirtsleeves only in the sun. A leisurely drive up the island. Picked up a hitchhiker and gave lift to town. Amir who is Czech, quite chatty and on route back to London shortly.

Once back in town, a coffee, and a Pizza from Medusa - and very nice it was too ...

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