Thursday, 17 February 2011

What's that ...

We knew the Santorini was back, when she announced her arrival with a blast of the horn.

Hanging around dock gates can get you noticed. Getting excited when the Margaritas lorry, rolls out of the belly of the Express Santorini, is something else.
First the milk, then the refrigerator lorry, then someones new windows, a broken down fiat - Then a very heavily laden down Margaritas truck ...

Its a good job everything from IKEA is flat packed, if it wasn't then it would be by now. Fingers crossed its all made it here intact.

The call came at 13.45pm, asking would i like to come and collect the parcels - No thank you, you can deliver them, i suggested. As if i can just pop round and pick up 150kg of flat packed MDF.

The couriers are the same - we have a parcel for you, paid to deliver to you, paid too if they don't. Some even send goods back, rather than deliver them, or even call you, which is very annoying.

They will call again after their afternoon nap, i have not paid them so guess they will be here afterwards.

More excitement for the street - coming soon ...

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