Monday, 31 January 2011

Smoke free cafes ...

No it does not mean free cigarettes.

But today, on a cold wet Monday the smoking ban was enforced.
The municipality police were visiting premises, making sure the law was being complied with.

There were some disgruntled locals out in the cold enjoying their cigarettes. But overall the cafes were smoke free environments.

One couple toured the cafes looking for one where they could smoke, presumably they went home. One lady thought the toilets are not part of the enforcement area of the law.
There were some who voiced their opinion that they were now being forced to be 'European' but that was a short argument. After all the country has given up the drachma, and been bailed out by Europe for its financial woes with the euro.

At the moment it seems no-one wants to be the first person to be caught and fined. Someone will cop it - the Municipality have to provide records centrally of enforcement and fines ...

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