Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Quiet day ...

No Ferry today, apparently its a national strike day ...

Needless to say its pretty grim watching TV, as anarchy spreads in Athens. Riots and setting fire to policemen get you no-where.

Pretty depressing really ...

Elsewhere i read, the Elgin Marbles may be returned from London, if Athens agrees that they belong to the British Museum.

I am still trying to work that one out, I thought they belonged to the building with scaffolding and banners on the hill in Athens, where the staff are always on strike ...

Weather widget update:

Thursday: Rain
Friday: Rain
Saturday: Light Rain
Sunday: Light Rain

Flat pack update:

Bookcase is partially complete, local issues if you make noise or use a drill between 2pm and 5pm and after 7pm.

Unless you are Greek, where of course it is your right - regardless of the law

However it is ok to rev up and use a 750cc motorbike outside, with no silencer on the exhaust, for up to two years without any problem at all ...

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