Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New weather widget ...

Hope you like the new weather widget.
Rotating weather for Skiathos, just to the right of the page.

The only trouble is its based in San Francisco, one of the cloudiest foggiest places known to man. Quite what they of anyone else knows about the weather on a rock in the aegean - who knows. Weather forecasts here are based on a weather station 60kms away on the mainland.

Even the control tower at the airport gets it wrong occasionally. Twice this winter the Olympic has come up from Athens and not been able to land as the cloud ceiling was too low.
The pilot has to be able to see the runway here from 1000 feet or just by the Bourtzi. Its inconvenient but even if he sees it by Milos taverna there is not a good margin for error. Its like landing on an aircraft carrier as there is water at both ends, but no restraining cable.

Back to the weather, local report - its Sunny with scattered Cumulonimbus clouds and the widget says ...

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