Monday, 28 February 2011

Like a winter mist ...

The rain has returned ...

Its dull and its grey here at the moment. Grey buildings, grey skies, grey seas, grey mist, and a fine rain that blends them all into one. If you ski, then when its like this its called a 'white out' so Skiathos currently is a 'Grey out'

The cafes are little huddle groups, in one they play backgammon, and the crack of dice reverberates around the plastic tent that is the seating area. In another they play cards, this afternoon, someone had electronic scrabble.

The trick is to buy a large hot drink, and slowly sip it over the hours, with your friends enjoying a game or two. You get to pass the time, and stay warm at the cafe owners expense. This is a popular way of passing the time and not having to pay to heat your house.

The island is feeling the lack of funds, no-one has any money to spare. Huddled over a hot chocolate, you are saving money. The cafe owners do not make any money, at this time of the year. But they do run up large heating bills which have to be paid in May/June.

So when you are here in Summer, and that cappuccino seems expensive - well yes it is, and now you know the reason why ...

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