Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Flue's ...

Now winter is here everyone has their eye on the Flue ...

Not the nasty HN51 'flu' infectious type, its the chimney. Here most people burn wood, its around €80 a pallet, and in my case that seemed about one tree trunk.

Here there are three options for keeping warm, Electricity, Oil or Wood. Now most people burn wood, many have oil, and a few get by on electric. This year many people have been buying new flues - or chimneys to burn wood.

The favourite tax dodge was to buy heating oil, and then drive your 4x4 on it, saving a fortune. The government has made heating oil, the same price as diesel. Now everyone pays the same rate of duty, and the island is echoing to the sound of the chainsaw, as we return to wood as the primary source of fuel.
The cheapest wood is free, it arrives on the beach every morning. However this year there has been little of any to retrieve. Some people must be on there in the dark loading up their 4x4's, as there is very little free wood available.

So the winter flue once installed, you can burn away your logs, keeping warm sitting by your log burner. Some of the houses use their wood burner to cook, its a slightly different type, and the lanes are often filed with woodsmoke around lunchtime, as the meals are prepared.

The chimney needs regular cleaning, and thats not a very popular job. Which is why yesterday afternoon, my neighbour had an Albanian friend cleaning theirs. In the siesta period when you can make no noise in town, he had the chimney to bits, was hammering away at the core, and was black with soot, and grease up past his elbows.

A greasy chimney is a potentially high source of ignition for a fire, and in town this is very dangerous. How many of the tavernas clean their chimneys in winter i wonder ?

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