Friday, 25 February 2011

Chilly ...

It was a breezy night ...

The rain was beating down on the roof, rubbish blowing around the street all night. It was a lazy start to the day.

Nikos the baker had a lie in too. I went for the bread late at 10.30am, when i walked in he was in a higher state of anxiety than usual. I thought he had sold out, truth was the bread was about to come out of the oven. That was all he had, no pies, no doughnuts or croissants etc. So this morning we had hot bread, not warm bread for breakfast.

I had to criss cross town this morning, meeting the postman, he have me a note to go to the post office to collect a packet. Even the post is relaxed here, sometimes they deliver, sometimes they dont. Today the bills could be delivered but a jiffy bag not.

Two electricians shops visited, neither had what i needed - both awaiting deliveries and the 'shrug of the shoulders' indicating 'avrio' Try again next month

The whole island is awaiting deliveries, Our normal ferry the Express Skiathos disappeared to Piraeus with engine trouble, in December, and was still there two days ago.
The Express Santorini took over, and then did not come on Wednesday 23rd. It has been sent to Libya to collect Greek nationals, who are being evacuated from the civil war there.
Today, the Express Pegasus arrived, her vehicle deck full to the doors with lorries and cars. It arrived very late, and it seems its top speed is a pedestrian 18 knots. It took quite a while to dock, its quite a large boat, and the strong north wind did not help.
The assembled crowd watched as the wind and thrusters made heavy work of lining the boat up correctly. The harbour was packed with cars waiting to get on and the usual scramble to board and to exit when the ramp was lowered.
There may be a few things in the shops later, for a while at least.

Last night we seemed to escape the worst of the storm, but the rain and windchill this morning, certainly are letting us know its a while until summer ...

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