Thursday, 20 January 2011

Sunny days and Cold nights ...

Island life is rather quiet at the moment ...

The highlight of the day is the Express Santorini ferry ariving at 11.15, announced with a blast of the ships horn. The Express Santorini is the relief boat, and still covering the route as the Express Skiathos, which is still being repaired in Piraeus.

Off down to watch the arrivals, a glance in the mail cage as Stelios unloads it, just to see if your parcels from Amazon have arrived. Watching the lorries emerge from the car deck is like watching a whale or dolphin give birth. Only this baby gives birth again on the ring road or at Xanemos with goods and supplies for the island.

Before that the lorries have to twist and turn like eels, past parked cars to exit the harbour gates. People scurry like ants from the boat, laden with bags from Ikea, Jumbo and Praktika heading for home.

Once the fun is over and you see who has arrived from the mainland then, in a roar of diesel smoke the lines are slipped, the water boils and foams and the Santorini glides away towards Skopolos.
Then peace descends, the coffee shops are the centre of activity again. The only noise the rattle of dice on a backgammon board until a few hours later when it all happens again - In reverse

Then you see who is leaving the island on holiday, business or pleasure. You will be interrogated by friends, where are you going? How long for ? When will you be back ?
The lorries and trucks are reloaded and off they go to Volos.

Its been a pattern of Sunny days and Cold nights but hardly any winds. Its like another little Summer. Spring flowers are poking their heads up and little yellow flowers can be found along hedgerows and under shrubs.

Its warm enough to walk around in a jumper, if you are from the northern countries, but the locals are wrapped up in heavy coats and cover their mouths to keep out the chill. After dark its a definite wrap up warm as you can.

Thermal insulation of the local variety is Tsipouro. Its quite amazing to see in the morning how many people are clearly suffering the effects of the night before. Watery eyes and that 'hang dog' look that we all know so well. Not that it stops anyone getting on a motorbike car etc.

Another day, Life on a green island ...

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