Friday, 21 January 2011

Hunters ...

If they are reading this then lets hope they are proud of themselves ...

Christina Kofinas who has the Blue Donkey farm shop in Kolios, has found an injured Hawk. As you can see its a beautiful but wounded creature.

If any of the bird lovers can give any advice on treatment if possible - It will be very welcome.

Christina Kofinas wrote:
Skiathos has -still- beautiful birds, but there are some idiots who like to shoot anything what flies, like this one, found today in our land, broken wing .......... what to do ?

I have posted messages requesting advice to see if this beautiful creature can be saved, answers from friends as far away as San Fransisco and New York have been posted and passed on to Christina.

Yet the one that rings true, is the message sent to me earlier by my friend Brian, who also gave excellent advice, so i repeat it here.

Brian said ...

It is one of the most beautiful creatures we have the the pleasure of sharing this planet with, and for some reckless, brain dead moron to attempt to take it's life drives me into a rage !!!

Sadly, unless it gets professional help very quickly we will lose it.

The first 24 hours are critical, when the "shock" wears off the bird's respiratory system will be begin to fail, I rang a good friend of mine tonight who knows more than me about shotgun wounds on birds , he agrees ... VET as soon as !!!

By the the way ... its a female and I think she is a Honey Buzzard.

Easy to shoot by cowards with guns because they fly/glide slowly on thermals as they migrate

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