Sunday, 2 January 2011

Hunter-gatherer ...

According to Wikpedia ...

"A hunter-gatherer is one whose primary subsistence method involves the direct procurement of edible plants and animals from the wild, foraging and hunting without significant recourse to the domestication of either. Up to 80% of the food is obtained by gathering"

Well i am nowhere near that yet but am doing quite well on the Lemon and Oranges at the moment. They are in season and abundant all over the island. Strawberry fruits are still available, and the Sage is just amazing. However my quest for Quince has been denied - Someone beat me too it.

I have become a fan of Its quite a good website for Greek Cookery. Argiro Barbarigou it seems is a Greek Delia Smith

Should my quest for Quince be answered, This is the recipe I want to try

But until then, I will put another log on the fire, Tonight its me, Julia, "Eatin Prayin Lovin" and some really good Dundee Cake that i relocated from the UK ...

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