Friday, 17 December 2010

Wood, wood and more ...

Driftwood galore ...

Headed back out again, and watched the sunrise changing the colour of the sea, from grey to a silver blue. Two beaches later the car boot is full of drift wood again.

Its amazing what gets washed up on the beaches after a storm, drift wood, fishing nets, plastic bottles, suntan cream bottles, crates, tiles, bricks - you name it you can find it.

... and always a lonely shoe or flip flop to accompany the fishermans industrial glove that makes its way ashore.

However the beaches i patrolled this morning were very clean, large sand dunes, washed up by the waves. There was a tree washed up on Pareskevi, it will not be there for long, thats for sure.

Plenty of small logs and branches, for me though and soon collected enough, including a nice beach ball, which had made landfall still inflated.

Loading the car, i noticed that i was not alone, there was a scoops owl calling very near me.

The European Scops Owl (Otus scops)

Returning along the main road at Megali Amos, the sun was reflecting off the water as if the whole sea was on fire. A golden sea that even with sunglasses, hurt the eyes.

Its going to be a nice day today, clear blue skies and turquoise seas, with a very gentle breeze ...

Ashes update: Oh dear - England all out and the Aussies lead by 81 runs ...

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