Friday, 17 December 2010

It cannot be true ...

The log burner has arrived and is at the freight company office.

The only thing is its friday, they called at 13.40 and the island closes on a friday at 2pm as workers go for team building ...

... Thats a tsipouro with their workmates, to those who do not know.

Not a bad end to the week ...

The Log Index

Day 377 on the rock ...

Outside temperature - Cold
Shutters - Closed and secured
Interior temperature - 68 degrees
Open fire in use - Yes

Firewood used:
Logs 0
Olive 0
Driftwood 11 logs
Branches 5

Substantial amount of sawing undertaken, of driftwood into 30cm logs

Must buy a chainsaw, or will have one arm like a king crab !

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