Thursday, 30 December 2010

Greeks bearing gifts ...

Its that time when the Greeks pay you a visit ...

Well its Christmas and what better time to get in for a look around, and see what you have been up too in the last year. Its an opportunity to be told your coffee is made the wrong way, its not sweet enough and you have lost weight, and do not dress warmly enough.

I am pretty easy going about it, especially as they sometimes bring seasonal gifts. Now i am getting quite partial to these. I had them last year and had forgotten how nice they are ...

On the left Kourambiedes - Greek shortbread biscuits with walnut
On the right - Melomakarona - Cinnamon, Honey & Walnut cakes

Some rules to eating these:


Do not inhale near these as the powered sugar will go up your nostrils; this is very embarrassing and could be confused with having the white powder habit

Don't keep them too close to your nose/mouth as when you exhale the icing sugar goes all over the person standing in front of you


Sweet, crumbly and the crushed walnuts go everywhere, delicious and the dentists best friend. Beward of sticky fingers and honey drips that will stay forever

So basically, try and take a bite and move away from the
biscuit/cake. I am sure the Greek's have it sorted but us non-Greeks are still trying to master eating them without having a layer of white powder or sticky walnuts all over our faces and clothes.

Bye for now, off to practice on the contents of the box in the photo ...

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