Saturday, 25 December 2010

Chefs tasters ...

I feel like the turkey - stuffed ...

My friend is a chef, and lives just about as high as you can on the island. in just three months, they have renovated their house into a piece of heaven, and a garden that is becoming a profitable oasis.

Sitting by the fire, under the vaulted ceiling, eating lovely chefs tasters - preserved Olives, sausages, pate's, and breads with a glass of wine - a meal in itself.

Only to be followed by a banquet, seated by the picture window overlooking town, and away to the twinkling lights of distant Skopolos.

Mushroom soup made from cepes, and garden herbs, Prawn salad with leaves picked from the garden. Duck with chestnuts in a rich red wine reduction. Ice cream made from Skiathos mandarins. Hand made chocolate truffles

We had some very interesting wines, but the big surprise of the evening was the desert wine.

One of the guests was from Canada, as was the wine (A big surprise for me) and it came from near Niagara falls. The wine was an 'eiswein' made from grapes picked when they were withered like raisins, and frozen with frost in the early hours.

It was as near to heaven in a glass, as we were up in Krio Pigadi ...

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