Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Beat the strikes ...

"How to pay and not to pay " - for the want of trying, that was the question ...

Athens man was very understanding, considering he had already taken the package to the freight handler. Amazing - It was on its way just because i had called and said we wanted one.

Pay me later he said, you are English, i know you will pay me he said. Well i know a few on this island who would not, from both ends of the social spectrum!

So imagine what he thought when i phoned back and told him, how a good friend had Emporiki online banking and had transferred the money to him.

Its getting near Christmas, Good Samaritans etc, and as you all know - God is an Englishman ...


Todays strikes mainly affect the ferries, and airports, however the flying cat is operating to Volos.

However its probably best not to go to the bank, and walk into their new security doors and hurt yourself, on the way to the striking school. The doctors at the hospital are on strike and the ambulance crew are only answering emergencies. I guess you call them to find out.
Hope you do not need a lawyer to make a claim as they are on strike today. If you need a pharmaist - bad luck, and if serious enough to need transport to Volos on the ferry - Well ts just not been your day has it ...

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